Ladies Night – Modified Team Scramble (Fairways)

A big thank you to all our 2021 Ladies League Sponsors.  We are still looking for 4 more hole sponsors.  Cost is $750.00 and includes a complimentary green fee and power cart seat to each event throughout the summer ($1,000 value)

$15.00 Registration required for all players teeing off between 5:00 – 7:00 pm.  Players may choose to participate in Ladies night between 12:00 – 5:00 pm if a min. of 2 players from the group is participating.  Online booking is restricted during the reserved time slot of 5:00 – 7:00 pm and players must make reservations by phone or in person.

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July 15 – Modified Team Scramble – Fairways & Pace

  • Players can register as a group between 12:00 – 7:00 or as a single between 5:00 – 7:00 as the Pro Shop staff will place you with another group.
  • Players in a group will all tee off then select the best shot for all players to play the second shot from.  This process is repeated till the ball is holed.
  • The team will record 1 score for their team on each hole.  Max score Double Bogie.  For pace of play, teams are asked to pick up and proceed to the next hole when they have reached double bogie on the hole.
  • Fairways – On each hole, if all players in a group hit the fairway with their tee shot the group will receive 1 point to be deducted from their total score for a maximum of 7 points per 9-holes accounting for the par 3 holes.
  • Pace – Pace of play for 9-holes is 2:12 min.  Understanding that pace is an important part of the game for the enjoyment of all players on the course is crucial.  Teams that are able to complete their round at Pace or better will receive their names into a draw for a complimentary 9-hole green fee for each member of their group that day.  Since groups can only play as fast as the group in front of them, a group that is following a group that is playing over the pace will be required to complete their round within 12 min. of the group directly in front of them that is over the 2:12 min. pace for 9-holes to have their names entered.  While skill level does play a small part in a group’s pace as players may be required to take more shots than an experienced player, a player’s behavior is a much larger contributing factor to his/her overall pace.  Here are some helpful hints to help you keep pace while not feeling rushed.
    • Ready Golf – Be ready to hit when it’s your turn.  By the time it is your turn to hit players should have selected their club taken a practice swing if applicable.  Tee-off as soon as the group ahead is clear and the player who is ready should hit first.
    • Spend less time looking for balls.  A player should always watch where their ball goes after hitting and should their ball come to rest off the fairway no more than 3 min. should be spent looking.
    • Parking Golf Cart at the exit of the green.  It may seem minor but parking your golf cart where you will exit the green to play the next hole will save time over the course of a round and minimize the chance of being struck by a ball that is approaching the green for a group playing behind you.  While players should always make sure that the area in front of them is clear of players before hitting you can only control your behavior on the course and not that of other players.
    • When riding in a cart drop your partner at his/her ball, then continue to yours.
    • Keep an extra ball, tees, ball marker, and any other items that you will use during your round handy at all times.
    • Watch the group in front of you and NOT behind you to determine if you are at pace or falling behind.  When following a group they should remain in sight at all times during your round.
    • Play an appropriate tee for your skill level.  While all ladies tee of our most forward tee on ladies night when playing outside of ladies night you should play a tee appropriate for your skill level.  While this is more a problem for male golfers we thought we would mention it.
    • Play a scramble.  While most of our ladies league events are played as some form of scramble golf this format can also be played anytime when you are out on the course.  It will remove some of the pressure players can place on them selves during their rounds and create a much more social environment and team atmosphere when playing with your golfing friends.
  • The team is not required to calculate their total score as this will be done by pro shop staff and the worst hole for the team will not be counted for the total team score.
  • Players should provide first and last names on the scorecard
  • Scorecards are to be handed in after 9 holes

Hole Contests

  • Hole #1 – Longest Putt
  • Hole #4 – Closest to the Pin
  • Hole #6 – Longest Drive

Deuce Pot

  • All players are entered into the deuce pot as part of their registration fee. To win a portion of the deuce pot a player must record a gross score of 2 on any hole.  Prize money for the deuce pot is determined by field size.  If no player records a deuce the pot in an event it is carried over to the following week.

Prize Distribution

  • Low Team Score
  • Runner Up Team Score
  • Door Prizes

Prize Presentation

  • Following completion of play.  Players are not required to be in attendance to win scoring prizes.  Players must be in attendance to win door prizes.


Jul 15 2021


12:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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